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The Ins and Outs of Asset-Based Loans

What it is: Simply put, asset-based loans are based on assets, generally accounts receivable and inventory, that are used as collateral. You're putting your future revenue on the line to gain access to money right now. Asset-based lenders will advance funds based on an agreed percentage of the secured assets' value. The percentage is generally 70 percent to 80 percent of eligible receivables and 50 percent of finished inventory. How to get it: The range of financial service companies that offer asset-backed lending is huge. The Commercial Finance Association’s membership includes banks and many independent finance companies. For a small business, the key is to find the lenders that are will

5 Best Ways for Funding a Startup

By Adam Heitzman Co-founder, HigherVisibility@HigherVis With many new ways to raise money for start-up businesses these days, it can often be difficult to choose what type of funding is the right fit for you. Fortunately, understanding your different options is pretty simple. For many, the decision about whether or not now is the right time to start a business comes down to funding. There are quite a few different ways that you can go about funding a startup, but not all are created equal. You may have a wonderful business idea that you have perfected, but it won't mean much if you don't have the funding in place to not only make your business happen, but allow it to succeed. It's important

The Break Up (Or How to Buy Out Your Business Partner)

By Jared Hecht CEO and Co-founder, Fundera Whatever the reason is, if you want to keep your business, but your partner has to go, here's everything you need to know to successfully buy out your business partner. Maybe you want different things out of the business. Maybe your partner has been offered a new opportunity too good to pass up. Maybe, as the saying goes, "it's not them, it's you." Or maybe there's been a personality conflict, and you can't get out of this partnership fast enough. Business partnerships end for a wide number of reasons. Some are friendly, amicable, and in the best interest of both parties--while still others can reach a bitter, nasty end. Set Detailed Terms From th




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