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New Funding Partners = New Programs

Happy Saturday! We are excited to bring back our Funding Partner Program! We have two new Funding Partners that have joined our Company and we are excited to expand our business in new funding directions! We now offer Invoice Factoring and Asset Based Lending. We will be able to work with Industries that we have never worked with before, such as Transportation, Manufacturing, and Distribution. These are all great candidates for our Invoice Factoring Program. The Asset Based Loans will be for our Real Estate Investors who would like to Flip Homes. We also have a New Lead Generation Training Program we are adding on July 15th, for Merchant Cash Advance Funding. This program will be $650

Marketing System for our Funding Partners

We recently Partnered with a Software Company that offers Business Owners an entire Marketing System: This System comes with a Website Builder (you can build more than one website), Landing Page Creator, Call Center, Texting, Email Marketing, and a Lead Generator. You will also have the Resell Rights to resell this system and earn $400 - $1,500 per system if you choose. You can upgrade your system, and earn a monthly residual. We are giving this system to all our Funding Partners who join at Option One: This system sells for $597. You will have full access to this system for 30 days. If you would like to keep it, there will be a monthly fee of $97. The company will then ask for your

New Partners - New Opportunities _ All States are Now Open!

We are so blessed! Our Real Estate Program was such a huge success; we had to take it down. We have over 50 Individuals who are on their way to Earning a Monthly Residual Income, with Zero Investments in the Properties. We are now only offering this Program to our Funding Partners who Join Option One for a very limited time. This program will NOT be offered to the General Public. Let's talk about our New Funding Partner! They have also asked us to build them a team, and they do not want any restrictions on the number of Partners/Consultants per State. So All States are Now Open. This New Partner offers Real Estate Investors more options to purchasing, flipping and holding with Resident

New Real Estate Program - Earn a Monthly Income

TMM Group Ca, LLC has just launched a new Real Estate Program where you can earn a Monthly Income. We only have 50 Openings and then it will be GONE! We have taken down our Funding Program to add a few more lending products and will be available again shortly (if you would like to join before then, call our office for more info). For the time being we are focusing on acquiring properties for us to buy and hold. With this program you will earn either a flat fee at the close of escrow or you can earn $1,000 and 20% of the rent once it is occupied by a new renter. You will receive this monthly income for the term of each renter. For a quick example as to what you can be earning from one pr

Investors Lines of Credit Now Available

Tis the Season for Flipping Homes and We can help you! Do you need money for earnest money deposits or to get a rehab started? Get a line of credit of up to $250,000! Imagine the buying power you'll have with one of these credit lines. We also offer Terms loans that can help you with the purchase of the home. $10k - $250k in business or personal lines of credit Instant Pre-Approval 0% interest for up to 24 months Get Your Lines of Credit in 7 to 14 Days! Contact our office today and let's help you with your Flip!




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