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Congratulations Erik!

We want to give a big shout out to Erik today for completing his first successful deal! Congratulations! Erik's first deal was a newer restaurant owner (6 months in business) who we were able to offer a MCA ("Merchant Cash Advance" financing). The owner was offered a "Starter" program and knowing that he will be back for another Advance shortly, means another commission for Erik! Great Job!

Alternative Lending: Nonbank Business Funding Options

By Andrew Wang You don’t have to walk into your local bank to a get a small-business loan these days. Alternative lending options are just a few computer keystrokes away. But alternative business loans can be complicated and confusing, even risky. They’re not for everyone. So when does alternative lending makes sense — or not make sense — for your business? And if it is right for you, what are your options? We take a look at when and when not to seek alternative business funding and provide choices based on your needs. Alternative business loans: Compare your options Alternative lending has multiple upsides — among them, speed, convenience and looser requirements than for traditional loans.




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