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Another Funding Partner Gets a BIG Pay Day Today!

This is WHY we love this Business! Anyone can Make Money doing this! One of our Funding Partners who joined our Funding Profit Center Program not only completed his first deal (earned 50%) but he just closed his OWN DEAL and received 100% Commission which was a total of $32,000 - TODAY! Here is the Break Down on her Deal: He used our tools and training to get his client which was an Hotel Owner, his client was approved for $320,000 loan and he was paid 10% commission. He put about 2 Hours into this file from start to pay day! And he is now on the road to Phase Two of our Profit Center, which is "Leverage", adding Consultants to his Profit Center. We could not be more happier and proud tha

Vegas Bound

Some of the Crew headed to Vegas this week. Two major funding projects were are closing on and checking out some investment properties. Click Here to learn more about our Funding Profit Center. We are ending some of our programs this week, we have built an amazing team to work with our Funding and Real Estate Divisions and we really do not need to expand at the moment. We will have one program available working with our Merchant Services Partner. So, if you have been thinking about joining, now is the time. We are not sure if we will offer these programs ever again. Click Here to Learn more about our Real Estate Profit Center. Even though some of the Crew is out of the office, we are alway




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