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Another Funding Partner Earns BIG!

Yes! Another One of our Partners has Earned 100% of their Commissions! Earning $25,000 on one deal! Here is the Breakdown: Funding Parntner Joined our Program, completed their first deal and starting working direclty with one of our Funding Sources. Client was interested in our Secured Loan and was approved for $500,000. Commissions paid 5% = $25,000 - this was a Real Estate Deal, so it took a total of 20 days! We are so excited to hear these success stories and share them with you! Click Here to learn more about our Funding Partner Program: Why you will love OWNING a Funding Profit Center *Average commission on each deal - $7,000 *Average Partners Earn 25,000 a month *

Summer Flips & Trips

We LOVE Summertime!!! For us, summers are for taking Trips and FLIPS! We will be closing our Real Estate Profit Program this Friday (May 3rd) so we can focus on our Current Partners Deals for the summer. We also have several trips planned starting with Hawaii in May, Vegas & California in June, and Florida in July! Click Here to learn more about our Real Estate Profit Center which will be ending May 3rd. We will also be relaunching our Merchant Processing Services and Program for High Risks Business Owners and Individuals who would like to work with this Program as a Merchant Consultant. Consultants will earn a flat fee for each deal or bring one deal to us (earn a flat fee) and you can t




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