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Funded Deals So far this WEEK!

We are having a crazy week...Here are the Deals that Have been Funded so far... Pizzeria - $125,000 in 9 Days Auto Repair - $55,000 in 5 Days Mexican Restaurant - $33,000 in 7 days Pub - $41,000 in 5 days Total Commissions Paid: $25,400 Not Bad for Midweek! We also have a Pending Bulk Asset Deal that will be closing by Friday with Commissions over $22,000 going to the RE Partner! Want to Learn More about what we do and How you can work with us! Click Here for our Funding Profit Center Click Here for our RE Profit Center or Call us! We would love to chat with you!

Funding Partner Gets $9,900 in 6 Days!

Funding Partner Receives $9,900 Yesterday! One of our Newest Funding Partners just completed their first deal! Here is the Breakdown: Wendy joined our Program, completed the training, got her first Client approved for $198,000 We were paid 10% Commissions = $19,800 Wendy Earned 50% = $9,900 This deal took a total of 6 days from Start to Payday! And you Can TOO! Visit our Careers page Here Now that Wendy has Completed her first deal,she is now earning 100% of her commissions! We Only Allow Three (3) Partners Per State. Some States are closed, and some with one opening. Join Today before your State is Closed! Click Below to Learn More: o




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