Own a Funding Profit Center from Home 

We have been so successful at building a team of Funding Consultants, our Newest Small Business Funding Partner have asked us to help them build a team.  We have designed this program for any individual who would like to Work from Home and have a Career in the Funding Business.  We will provide you with all the tools to be successful and Earn a great Income.  Once you have completed one successful deal with our Company, you will be ready to work with our Funding Partners. Our Small Business Funding Partner also works with the Cannabis Industry, so you will be trained in this area as well. 

Own and Operate a Private Funding Business from Home.  Work with Small Businesses in the US and Canada.needing Working Capital for various reasons such as purchasing real estate, increasing inventory, expanding, renovating, buy out partnerships, rents, leases, or taxes.  Our Funding Partners Provide all the Funds.  You can offer Small Businesses Working Capital up to 5 Million (Secured & Unsecured), Business Line of Credit, Business Debt Reconstruction, Commercial Real Estate Projects up to 500 Million, Residential Flip Funds up to 10 Million,  


If you do not want to own a Funding Business, you can still work this Opportunity with our Company as a Funding Consultant and receive 50% on each deal.  

The role of the Funding Partner is to locate the Small Business Owner needing funding and offer funding services, send out applications, collect the required information and submit to the Funding Partner’s office. We will teach you how to Market, Speak to the Business Owners, and How to Submit your Deals. 

The role of the Funding Consultant is all about Marketing (Email Marketing), when you get a client, We Take Over.  We will speak to your clients, send and collect paperwork and close all your sales.  At anytime if you decide you would like to learn more and become a Funding Partner, you will be trained to do so. 

Average loans are 250K x 6% = $15,000 (your fee on your first deal would be $7,500) for doing about an hour of work.

  • Work as much as you want – part time or full time

  • Work from anywhere

  • Recurring Income –85% of companies get multiple loan

  • Unlimited income potential

  • Tens of millions of businesses need loans

  • You do not need a license

We provide all of your Marketing Materials, Forms and Leads for Small Businesses in the US.  Once you have completed your submission, it will take us 24-48 hours to process your clients’ paperwork.  Small Business deals we can fund in 5 - 7 days days (Which means, Quick Pay Day for You!)

You can absolutely Earn a Million a Year with this business.

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