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Instagram Training 

Introduction to Instragram 

Page Optimization 

Page Optimization

Biography, Layout,  and Aesthetics of page.

  1. Name

You want to create your Instagram page to be named in line with your brand, business or product. Keep it on point with your brand image and/or business.

'  2. Image

Use a high resolution image that is appropriate for your page. You can use a logo if you desire. Whatever image you use be sure that it is relevant to your business. The image should be a single image pic and maximized to the confined space that Instagram allots.

   3. Bio

In your bio you want to summarize your business, brand or product using key points. Make it direct, informative and focused on your brand message. Here is an opportunity to build credibility and establish yourself with your audience. To add a level of playfulness you can add emoji’s if you desire. Be sure to include a website that you want to link out to from Instagram, in case your followers want to go to your website.


You need your Instagram history to have a designed treatment to it that works for your audience. Try to present simple, clean images or videos that doesn’t look like clutter.

Some great examples of a clean layout are:

  • ThinkGrowPropser

  • SimpleGreenSmoothies

  • Revlon

  • TheGoodQuote

These are all simple, clean and striking layouts that are aesthetically pleasing.

Intro to Growing Your Audience

Growing Your Audience

Growing Your Audience

Instagram is a fantastic platform to use to build your audience, reach and grow your business.


You want to post videos and/or photos to your Instagram with a compelling caption. The goal is to create engagement with your audience. Every business will be different in terms of creating engagement. For example, if you are a plumber, you may want to include a quick video on the proper way to unclog a toilet. Whereas, if you are dog groomer, you could post a before and after photo of a poodle groomed. Whatever your business is, you want to have your audience like, comment and share your posts. This is what builds your audience.

Reposts and Tags

Another way to build your followers is to request them to share  your video or photo that you posted by having them repost it in their Instagram.  This helps build relevance and engagement which in turn, builds your audience.

Tags are ways to invite someone to read your post by directing it at them by using “@”. They will get a notification that you posted something and they will be able to see it and reply to it. This technique creates linking to their account and when they read it and like or comment, it will help increase your reach, thus building your audience.


Encourage your existing followers to comment on pics. You may want to entice them by baiting them with a question. For example, which team is better, the NY Yankees or NY Mets? You want to create some type of topic that will stir and motivate people to comment. Also you can solicit feedback through comments such as, we’re changing our logo color and would like your advice. Should we use purple or gold? Comments liberate your audience to feel engaged in your business and creates a loyalty where they want to be associated with you.

Hashtags #

Hashtags are searchable words that are used to find content and are a great way to build your audience. A great website to use for hashtags is  Using that site, you can type in a keyword and it will populate the most common searchable hashtag words for that subject. The site will generate 30 words, which coincidentally is the maximum number of hashtags Instagram allows.


Other ways to Grow your Audience:

You can engage existing followers and increase your audience by creating a contest or by giving something away. Most people love to get FREE things and they will do almost anything you ask them to do in order to get it. You can make the prize anything you feel that will be something of interest or desire. For example, ipads are still a great giveaway and you can buy them pretty inexpensively. That could be a great trade-off for you to invest in building your audience.

So now, a few rules that I like to implement for you to use whenever using a giveaway or contest. You want views of your giveaway post. But, more than that, you want the followers. Therefore, make them do the following things in order to qualify for the giveaway or contest.

  1. They need to opt-in to your website/page/Instagram

  2. They need to tag a minimum of 3 friends

  3. Ask them to repost one of your posts to their Instagram account

When done properly, these 3 “rules” will engage your existing followers and it will help grow your audience.

Apps to Use

Useful Apps to use when working with Instagram

When working with Instagram, you may have a few challenges regarding making some posts. For example, you may wish to add text to a video. But, you’re not an editor and you don’t have the specialized software. Well, we have compiled a small list of relevant apps that we use when working with Instagram. offers you the fastest way to save video from YouTube with the best quality

square fit
Post full size photos and videos to Instagram without cropping! Move, rotate, scale and flip your photos and videos with ease. Use fashionable filters, pattern borders, frames, stickers and text. High resolution, print quality output. Enjoy being creative and in control of various elements with borders and frames. eg shapes, rounded edges, shadow, patterns or solid color.

Vont is a simple app that allows you to add text to videos.

Canva is a graphic-design tool website that gives you access to photos.

Is an app that allows you to cut your videos into 15sec edits for Instagram stories.

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