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Merchant Processing Training 

Small Business Leads​

After Clicking on the site, Following the Steps below 

Click on the "Browse the Library" 

Next, Click on "Learning & Research: 

Next, Click on "Money & Business"

Next, Click on "Reference USA"


User ID# PACREG1852628

PASSWORD: 80433489

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Merchant Requirements  

Standard Business Requirements:


3 months previous processing statements, (if available)

Banking statements for applying USA corporation for past 3 months; and/OR 3 months personal bank statements for the primary signer on the account (if corp is new)

Voided check or bank letter for the corporate bank account to be used for deposits

Fed EIN SS-4 verification showing tax ID number issued by the IRS for the corp

Drivers license or passport copy

Corporate docs/articles, etc


Rates for Card Present can range from .05-.75% + IC up to 3% + IC for CNP High risk accounts.

Bad Credit is okay (580+) 

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