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Set Up Lead Generation Business

Welcome to the training. This is the first video you need to watch. I go over how to setup a lead generation business and some other good information. 

Module 1 – Set Up Website

Module 2 – Find Lead Buyers & Affiliate Marketing

Lead Buyers and Affiliate Marketing

Lead buyers are going to be the lifeline of your business. You obviously cant be in business without them.

The types of lead buyers you need to find are:

Real time form – these are buyers that you send leads to as they fill out the form. That means, someone fills out the form on your site, then you send that leads data to the buyer.

Real time calls – This is the same as above, its just that you are sending the lead buyer calls instead of data.

“Thank you page” leads – These are the leads that after they fill out the form on your site, that lead can be forwarded to another buyers website or wherever you want. I send my leads to a credit monitoring offer after they fill out the form on my website. The lead gets forwarded automatically.

Affiliate marketing – All leads, real time or aged should be promoted other offers. These can be a lead buyer or you can use affiliate programs. For example, I generate business loan leads. After I generate that lead I have offers I promote everyday. One offer could be a GoDaddy offer or maybe a personal loan offer.

Aged leads – These are leads that are not real time. Could be hours, days, weeks, months or years old. I personally sell business loan leads as an aged lead after the lead is 30 days old for $1 each. So a buyer can buy 1,000 leads for $1,000 and I put 1,000 leads in an Excel file and email them to the buyer after they pay. I always get paid upfront for aged leads.



Module 3 – Lead Distribution Software

You need to send leads to your buyers. The easy way is to send them via email if you have one buyer. But when you have multiple buyers buying leads via different filters then you need automated software to distribute leads.

The way I do it is this… I have buyers that buy leads mainly based on the monthly revenue of the lead.

For example…

If a lead generates more than $10,000 in monthly revenue then I have multiple buyers taking those leads. The software will round robin the leads to those buyers.

If a lead ends up being a credit repair lead the the same thing happens. The leads get distributed via a round robin to those buyers.

Watch this video that goes into more detail on the software I use.

The below video goes into more detail on setting up the API

Module 4 – Sell Calls and SMS Marketing

Selling calls is another great way to monetize leads. Calls can usually be sold for more money because you have a 100% contact rate and typically call leads are better and have a higher closing rate.

The biggest problem is most buyers only want leads during certain hours and typically not on weekends. So that hurts.

The best buyer is someone who has a 24/7 call center. I have one of those buyers and they are amazing. Think abut all the extra leads that are sold throughout the month.

This video explains how I use Kall8 to distribute calls.

This video explains how to use CallFire to sell calls.

Module 5 – Email Marketing

Email marketing has made me millions. I literally send out emails every single day. You need to be aggressive with email marketing because it works. You will make money as you build your list.

Since I generate business loan leads, I send out offers that make sense to these leads. Could be business type offers like web hosting, web design or VoIP services.

Could be personal loan offers or bad credit loans. Whatever offers I can find that help monetize the leads.

I could send out an email and literally make $10,000 or hundreds of dollars. That is why testing is important, to see what works.

This video explains how to setup Aweber

This video explains how to send leads from WordPress using Gravity Forms to Aweber

Module 6 – Monetize Aged Leads

Module 7 – Configure Facebook Ads


At this point you should have the following setup:

  1. Your website / landing page to generate leads

  2. The vertical you plan on generating leads in

  3. Your ads on Facebook to drive traffic to your landing page

  4. Your lead buyers

  5. Your email marketing with Aweber or similar company

  6. Your SMS marketing if you plan on texting your leads

  7. Any other monetization strategies with affiliate networks or other lead buyers

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