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Funding Partners & Baby Showers

Happy Saturday!!!

Well I have a super busy weekend, heading to Az for my Daughter's baby shower! Can't wait to be the "COOL" Grandma!! A few more months to go! Anyways, enough about me, let's talk about YOU and our Funding Partner Program...Coming Back by Popular Demand (I mean, seriously I get calls and emails daily asking about it)

Why? Because it was AWESOME!

All our programs are pretty awesome but this one was like no other. We have been so successful at building our "Consultant" team that one of Our Funding Partners came to us and asked if we could help build them a team of producing Consultants.

So, that is just what we did. We designed a training program that would teach ANYONE how to work with our Funding Partners as a Lead Consultant and eventually build their own team. The income structure was also the end of the Training, closing 3 deals, You (the Consultant) was fully ready to work DIRECTLY with our Funding Partners. And you make TOP Level Commissions from (5% to 10%) per deal. Pretty Sweet right? Well...guess What?

Another one of our Funding Partners has asked us to build them a team as well. So starting next week, our "Funding Parnter" program will be up and rolling again. But just so you know...

ALL of our Current and New Funding Consultants are eligible for our Funding Partner Program. Alot of people ask me why would I want to help another Company build a team...

Well for one, they are My Funding Partners and I kind of like these guys. Besides, I am also Super Passionate about Teaching people HOW EASY this Business really is and HOW you can Make an incredible Income and Career from this...and bottom line....I LOVE What I do and I Love the Funding Business. So...keep your eyes peeled for next week and our "Funding Partner" program.

Have a Great Weekend!!!!

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