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Funding Partners Versus Funding Consultants

The Funding World is Exploding! We have already Funded over 60 Million since January 1st, 2018. We have Two Training Programs that we currently offer. The first is our "Funding Partner's Program", this program is designed for the individual who wants to own and operate their own Funding Business. Our Partners Provide all the Funds, from Small Business to Commercial/Residential Real Estate and Personal Funding. This program will teach you How to Market, Speak to the Owners and Offer our Funding Services. We will walk you through the entire Funding Process from Start to Pay Day! Once you have completed one successful deal, you will be able to work with our Funding Partners directly. We will always be here for support and also with this program, you can Build a Team of Funding Consultants. Which will will also walk you through that process as well. You can Earn over a Million a Year wtih this Business. Click Here to Learn More about our Funding Partner's Program.

Now, for the Funding Consultants....This is a great program for anyone who wants to Earn Money part or full time. This a very simple program andmost of the Marketing we do is Emailing! So, if you can send an Email, you can do this! Once you have a client to work with , we take over. We will Speak to the clients, send out paperwork and close the deals, then you collect your commissions! Which you are paid very well for this Industry. Average Deals you will Earn from $4,000 - $7,000 , for the Cannabis Industry average deals are over $10,000 per deal. Click Here to Learn More about our Funding Consultant Program.

We will actually be Ending the Funding Consultant Program on the 31st of January. We will then only offer a Funding Assistant Program, which will pay a flat fee versus a percent of commissions. Contact our office if you have any questions regarding our Funding Programs.

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