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New Real Estate Program - Earn a Monthly Income

TMM Group Ca, LLC has just launched a new Real Estate Program where you can earn a Monthly Income. We only have 50 Openings and then it will be GONE! We have taken down our Funding Program to add a few more lending products and will be available again shortly (if you would like to join before then, call our office for more info). For the time being we are focusing on acquiring properties for us to buy and hold. With this program you will earn either a flat fee at the close of escrow or you can earn $1,000 and 20% of the rent once it is occupied by a new renter. You will receive this monthly income for the term of each renter. For a quick example as to what you can be earning from one property: If we change a $2,000 a month in rent, you will receive $400 of that per month. But remember we only have 50 Spots open and we made this program affordable for most individuals to join.

Contact our office if you have any questions!

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