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New Partners - New Opportunities _ All States are Now Open!

We are so blessed! Our Real Estate Program was such a huge success; we had to take it down. We have over 50 Individuals who are on their way to Earning a Monthly Residual Income, with Zero Investments in the Properties. We are now only offering this Program to our Funding Partners who Join Option One for a very limited time. This program will NOT be offered to the General Public.

Let's talk about our New Funding Partner! They have also asked us to build them a team, and they do not want any restrictions on the number of Partners/Consultants per State. So All States are Now Open. This New Partner offers Real Estate Investors more options to purchasing, flipping and holding with Residential & Commercial Properties. We can now offer clients: Transactional Funding - 100% Loan Fix & Flip Loan Options - 10-25% Down Small Commercial Buildings - 20-30% Down Buy & Hold Rental Property - 20% to 30% Down and Lines of Credit for Rehabbing.

We couldn't be happier to be working with this Group. We love being able to expand our business and for our Funding Partners/Consultants to also expand and earn additional income. To learn more about our Funding Partner/Consultant program, Click Here:

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