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Real Estate Partner Program

We have started our Real Estate Partner Program and it is off and running! I have a lot of people ask me...Why do you offer 50% of the Profits. It seems too good to be true. So I decided to share my story how I got started and why I have decided to give back. I started my real estate career working with two investors flipping homes. I had seen an ad for a "real estate consultant", I meet them in person, paid my $450 training deposit and started locating pre-foreclosure homes. They offered me 50/50 splits on all deals (never using my money or credit).

My first deal I earned $18,000 - Yes! That was amazing and from that day on, I never looked back. My investors asked me if I would like to recruit and train other consultants for them and receive a portion of their commissions. So I did just that and learned about leverage at a very young age. Twenty-five years later, I own and operate TMM Group Ca, LLC. Funding was added about two years ago, which I love working with. But once you have Real Estate in your blood, you can never stop! It is what I am most passionate about. I recently learned that one of the investors I worked with passed away a few weeks ago.

So as my way of giving back, I too am offering individuals an opportunity to get into Real Estate without using their money or credit and offering a 50% split. My goal is to teach you how to start building your wealth through Real Estate. This is how I got started and hoping that others can do the same.

Click Here to learn more about our Real Estate Partner Program or call our office!

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