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Congratulations to Naomi!

A Big Congratulations today to Naomi, one of our newest Funding Partners! She has completed her first successful deal and received her commission! Naomi's client was a New Business Owner who was Approved and Funded within 5 days, Naomi received her commission 2 days later! The entire process took 7 days from Start to Pay Day!

Naomi's client was approved for our "Starter Program" which means a shorter term but in about 20 days from now, her client can apply for more money! What does that mean for Naomi, another commission check! She will be paid a commission every time her client renews for more money. What does this do for her client? These funds will help him grow and expand his business.

Congratulations again Naomi!

Click Here to Learn More about our "Funding Partner/Consultant Program"

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