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Summer Flips & Trips

We LOVE Summertime!!! For us, summers are for taking Trips and FLIPS! We will be closing our Real Estate Profit Program this Friday (May 3rd) so we can focus on our Current Partners Deals for the summer. We also have several trips planned starting with Hawaii in May, Vegas & California in June, and Florida in July!

We will also be relaunching our Merchant Processing Services and Program for High Risks Business Owners and Individuals who would like to work with this Program as a Merchant Consultant.

Consultants will earn a flat fee for each deal or bring one deal to us (earn a flat fee) and you can then join as a Merchant Partner and receive residual monthly income. With one account you can earn over $10,000+ a month.

We are super excited about this program that is Launching on Friday, May 3rd. This is currently included now in our Funding Partner Program.

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