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6424 E. Greenway Pkway #100 Scottsdale, Az 85254

18444 N. 25th Ave, S18444 N. 25th Ave, Suite 420 Phoenix, Az 85023uite 420 Phoenix, Az 85023


Training & Partner Fees

Once your enrollment is completed, you will receive access to all Marketing Materials, Forms and Leads for the US and Canada.  The training is One-on-one and is conducted over the phone and interactive through our Training Site and Leads Provider.  The training will take two days, ninety minutes per session.  


Day One: We cover Leads, Marketing, Speaking with the Owners, and Paperwork.  

Day Two: Cannabis Industry Training, which we will go over Lead Sources, Marketing and Speaking with the Owners.  

Once you have a client, we will walk you through the entire Funding Process from start to pay day.  


You can start working the program as soon as you complete the training. 

 You will also have to option of building your own Team, you will receive a referral fee 

and 25% Commissions on all their funding deals. We will train and manage your team, 

all you do is sit back and collect your commission checks! 

Once you have completed one successful deal, you will have direct access to our Small Business Partners.


We Only Allow Three (3) Profit Centers Per State.

Some States are closed & some have one opening. 

Contact our office or message us online for available States.


Financial Industry is deemed an Essential Business during this Outbreak.


We Are Busier Than Ever! 

Stay at Home & Work with Funding!



Small Business Funding Unsecured: Paid 50% of our Fee (6%-16.8%) of the Funding Amount 

After one successful deal, you will have the option to directly with our Small Business Funding Company. 

Your new Fees will then be 100% of the fees ranging from 6%- 16.8% 

1 Million For Small Business & Cannabis Industry

Small Business Funding Secured: Paid 50% of our Fee (4%) of the Funding Amount

After one successful deal, you will have the option to work directly with our Secured Business Funding Company.

5 Million for Small Business

Business Line of Credit: Paid 50% of our Fee (3% of the Funding Amount) 

Example: if they are approved for $100,000.00 and only fund for $50,000.00 up front,

you are paid on the $50,000.00.  

You are also paid on each additional draw they take.

Small Business Debt Consolidation: Paid 50% of the Monthly Fee for duration of Contract.  

After first deal, you can work directly with our Debt Consolidation Partner. 

Residential & Commercial Hard Money: Paid 50% of our Fees (2-4%) of the Funding 

Amount.  After one successful deal, you will have the option to work directly with our Hard Money Funding Company. 

Up to 15 Million


​Commercial Real Estate Projects & Residential Flips: 50% of our Fees, 

(1-4%) of the Funding Amount.  

After one successful deal, you will work directly with our Commercial Funding Companies.

Commercial Projects up to 500 Million 

For Equity Partner Funding: Paid 50% of our Fee (1 point), Funds are paid at close of escrow. 

We do not allow our Funding Partners to work directly with this Company. 

This will continue to be a 50/50 Partnership with each successful deal.

Projects from 5 Million and up 


Personal Funding: 50% of our fee of 2% the funding amount.

After one successful deal, you will work directly with our Personal Funding Company.

Offering up to $425,000 


Merchant Process Accounts for High Risk Industries:

Paid: $250 for first successful deal. 

After first deal, you will work directly with our Merchant Partner and receive

100% commissions and monthly residual income. 

Team Building: $250 when you referral a team member 

& 25% Commissions on all funding deals. 



Funding Partner/Consultants
Small Business, Commercial Real Estate, Personal Funding & Merchant Processing: $850


Payment Options: 

Option One: 

Pay entire Training Deposit of $850

Training Deposit is fully refunded on first successful deal 


With Option One: a Company Email (

Bonus Training: 

"Merchant Cash Advance Lead Generation System Training"

This is a $650 Training you will receive for FREE

Not only will you be able to use these leads for your Business,

You can provide them to your Team and or Sell them to other Companies.​

Option Two: 

Pay half the Training Fee of $425

and the remaining balance will be deducted from first successful deal. 

 ​​​​​​Includes: One-on-one Training (Including the Cannabis Market),

Marketing Materials, Forms, Ongoing Support, and

Leads for Small Businesses (US & Canada)



Option Three: 

Funding Profit Center with Professional Landing Page:$1250

Deposit is fully refunded on first successful deal

Includes: All of Option One Plus: 

A Professional Funding Landing Page

 Included is a Domain Name, Matching Email, & Hosting for One Year

Bonus Training & Opportunity for FREE

Own a Real Estate Profit Center

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