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New Funding Partner Offers Great Benefits for Clients and Consultants

We have just signed with a New Small Business Funding Partner who will offer our Clients needing Working Capital more options. For one, they will allow our Clients to Pay Weekly (not like most who take daily payments). They will also work with Industries that Most Won't: Trucking, Construction, Medical Marijuana, Guns & Amo - NO RESTRICTED INDUSTRIES - They Can Fund our Clients Faster and offer better Rates. And the Great News for our Funding Consultant is that they are getting a Raise! Our New Partner is offering to Pay more so that we will be Exclusive to them. They have also asked us if we could help them build a Team of Funding Partners. So, we have re-opened our Funding Partner Program for a very limited time. Once three deals have been completed with our Company, the Funding Partner will be able to work directly with this Private Investment Company earning 16% per file. This is unheard of in this Industry. We are very excited to be a Top Producer in this Industry and to be able to offer this to other Individuals. Contact our office for more info on our Funding Programs.


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