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Merchant Consultant Scores BIG

Happy Success Monday!

We love sharing our Partners & Consultants Success Stories!

Today we are sharing Gina's success with you. She joined our Merchant Consultant Program (completed the training), and got her first and second client right away. The first client she decided to take the flat fee of $500 - but on her second client, she wanted to earn the monthly residual income. She is now earning over $4,000 a month from One Merchant! As this clients business grows, so will her income!

Here is the best part...She never had to speak to anyone! She followed our Marketing Plan and once the client responded, we took over and completed the process. Gina worked a full-time job while working this program in her spare time. She has now quit her job has over six (6) Merchant Accounts Earning a Monthly Residual Income.

We currently have 5 openings for the Program. We would love to have you featured as our next success story!

Got Questions? Call our office!

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